NEW! TrackR Bravo Key Finder 

NEW! TrackR Bravo Key Finder

Tired of losing your glasses (or keys, or wallet, or pet?) Slip a TrackR into your case, put it on your key chain, or clip it to Fido and never lose those important things again!

With this ultra thin device, a free app on your phone or tablet will quickly show you a map of where your misplaced item is, up to 30 metres. You can also prompt the app to make your TrackR beep!

Have your TrackR but lost your iphone? It works both ways! Push a button on your TrackR to make your iphone beep, even when it’s on silent.

No need to recharge, TrackR runs on replaceable batteries that lasts up to 18 months.

The TrackR has an app for both iPhone and your Android smartphone. The beautiful application allows you to easily track your lost items so you can always stay connected with your most beloved things.

Uses Bluetooth 4.0 "smart" technology.

  • Forget-me-not Reminder: You can choose to be alerted by your phone if you're about to leave without your important items
  • 2 Way Ringer: The TrackR has its own button that allows you to make your phone ring, even if it's on silent!
  • Distance Indicator: The app contains a hot/cold distance indicator that shows you if you are getting closer to TrackR's location.
  • GPS Map: Not sure where you left it? The app remembers the time and location you separated from your TrackR, and shows this location on a Google Map.

  • Watch this short video on how simple it is to use the TrackR and locate your valuable items:


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